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Alright, we’re back with another play-along! In this lesson, we’re looking at “Call Out my Name” by The Weeknd. This is a pretty simple one, using just two chords – A minor and E minor. Of course, the simpler the chord progressions are, the less we have to focus on them…and that means we can devote all of our energy into strum patterns and rhythms! It’s all great fun and you can really get creative with it. In this particular song, there actually isn’t a guitar part on the original recording, so all the more, you’ve got a ton of room to play around and create a sound that’s your own.

Something you’ll notice about the song is that it’s in 6/8 time, meaning there are six 8th notes per bar. This is a little different from what you’re likely used to, as most songs are in 4/4 time. This one will “feel” different because of it. It has more of a waltz-like rhythm, so keep that in mind when you’re experimenting with different strum patterns. Typically, you’ll want to accent either the 1st beat of the bar or the 1st and 4th beats. If you’re using a combination of down and up strums, be sure to keep your strumming hand moving throughout, even if you’re not strumming on a particular beat. This will keep everything consistent the whole way through, and it’ll be especially helpful when you’re switching things up.

Speaking of switching things up, once you start with one strumming pattern, you don’t have to stick with it! In fact, it can be a good idea to differentiate each part of the song with some variations. For example, try using a simpler pattern on the verses and beefing it up a bit for the choruses. Makes for some really nice contrast and keeps the song from getting too boring.

This is a good one for singing, too! Lots of great opportunities to flex your vocals here. 

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