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Yep, I found a song with only two chords!! And they are easy ones...

One bar of A, followed by one bar of D, for the whole song :)

Of course you can spice them up a bit and in some more interesting rhythms and stuff, but this one is a great one for you guys just starting out so you can play a song with the record in a very short time!!

Capo needed to play along with the album tracks, but you can play it at home without one of course, you only need the capo if you are going to play along with the original recordings.

Joe Cocker version: Capo 3
Lulu version: Capo 8 (good for female vocal)
Dave Mason version: Capo 2
Grand Funk Railroad: Capo 5

If you want to get more fancy you can, in fact this tune is a great one to experiment all your funk chords with - changing from C7 to F7 (and all the extensions...).

Hope you enjoy.




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