Come As You Are by Nirvana

This riff by Nirvana is a beginner favourite! It's kinda easy but the chords can be tricky to play, but can be simplified to Power Chords... but lots folk just like learning the intro!

To play along with the original recording you need to tune down a whole tone - that is - every string on the guitar gets tuned down 1 Tone (same as 2 Semitones or 2 frets). If you're not sure how to do this, put a capo on Fret 2 and tune using a tuner and then take the capo off! The tuning (thick string to thin) will be D G C F A D.

To play along with the unplugged version you tune down half as much, so one semitone down. You can Capo 1 and tune as normal and then remove the capo or use your tuner to tune to Eb, A, D, G, Bb, Eb.

NOTE for owners of Beginner Songbook 2: I just noticed that the chord boxes shown in the book are wrong. I proof read carefully but somehow missed this, will be fixed for future editions, very sorry they slipped through :(

For this I'm using my Stratocaster style guitar (Suhr brand) but I imagine is was orginally played on a Fender Jaguar but Kurt seemed to like cheap guitars and apparently used many in the studio. I think I got the sound closer using Position 2 on the pickup selector (neck and middle) but try each position on your guitar and see what works best for you!

For this I was using my Kemper Profiler, using the Luxe Reverb preset my M Britt. I took a little treble off a little, otherwise the straight preset.

I just used the effects built into the Kemper for this as it's got a decent chorus, though I might have got closer using an Chorus pedal. I'll add the exact setting asap, I'm writing this from home and forgot to write the settings down yesterday!

Kurt apparently used a Electro Harmonic Small Clone pedal, with the switch up and the dial at about 9 o'clock (according to an interview with his tech - I don't have a Small Clone to try it out!).

Power Chord R6
Power Chord R5