I BELONG TO YOU by Lenny Kravitz

Difficulty: Yellow
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“I Belong to You” by Lenny Kravitz is one of his more popular songs, a really nice ballad from a rocker. The song itself is super simple, though, so this is a good play-along for beginners. It features just two chords, the A minor and E minor chords. If you’re not familiar with those yet, we do go over them in my Beginner’s course, so you can pop over there and check them out.

Since the chord pattern on this is so incredibly simple, you can get as simple or as funky as you’d like with the strumming. You can do one strum per bar, 4 per bar, 16 per bar – whatever you’re feeling and whatever feels comfortable for you! It’s a good one to practice different rhythms and strumming techniques, too.

In this, I start off as simply as possible and get a little crazier at the end with some barre chord action, some fun rhythmic things, and even some accents and hammer-ons here and there.

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