ALL MY LIFE by Foo Fighters

Difficulty: Blue
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“All My Life” from the Foo Fighters is such a fun one to get into. Classic Foo Fighters right here from the legend himself, Dave Grohl. I tell ya, Dave is pretty incredible. From playing drums with Nirvana to killing it on the guitar and vocals with the Foo Fighters, not to mention his songwriting skills – it’s not fair for one person have so much talent! Any way you can share some of that with the rest of us, Dave? ;)

For this lesson, there’s quite a bit going on here, so lots to practice and play around with. It’s in standard tuning and you’re going to start off with a G power chord. Bit of a trick here, though – you’re not strumming every beat, so on the off beats, you’re going to relax your fretting fingers. Don’t completely pull your fingers off of the strings, but just relax the fingers on the strings and make sure your first finger is laying down and covering all of the strings. This will help prevent any strings from ringing out when you don’t want them to. This is especially important when you start adding in effects like distortion and such.

A lot of your focus for this song will be on your picking hand, though. As I’m sure you can tell just from a quick listen, there’s some precise picking work that you’ll want to take your time with. With anything that sounds more difficult than it actually is, go through it slowly before bringing it up to speed. If you’re playing along with the original recording, try slowing it down to half speed while you’re practicing and then working your way up to full speed. This will help you get it nice and clean, which will sound loads better when you’re playing at quicker tempos.



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