I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James

Only 2 chords in this song!! Awesome :)

Really nice to play along with the original recording if you have a capo!  


Capo Possibilities...

The pitch of the actual chords in this song are A and B minor. To make it fit this Stage 2 of the Beginner's Course I used a Capo at the 7th fret and used the chords D and E minor which are in fact the same chords.

Other options you might like to try are Capo 2nd fret and use G and A minor or Capo 9th fret and use C and D minor!

Basically because there are just two chords in the song it's very easy to Transpose (change key), Start with any Major chord and then the other chord will be a minor chord up a tone (2 frets). Try it out yourself and see if you can play it in other keys!