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This song was always one of my favourites from Elvis. Gotta love those ballads from The King of Rock n’ Roll himself! This is a lovely tune for putting your slash chords to good use, and there’s not anything terribly tricky about it. Should be a fun one for you to get into, especially if you’re nearing the end of the Beginner’s course.

Slash chords are called that because of how they’re written – with a “/” in them. The letter in front of the slash indicates the chord and the letter after the slash indicates the bass note of the chord. It’s a modification of the chord. For example, “D/F#” means you’re going to play a D chord but with an F# bass note. There are quite of few of these slash chords in this lesson, so you’ll get plenty of practice with them! These can really change the overall tone of the chord and they keep things interesting. They’re fun to practice, too, especially if you’re looking for a challenge after you’ve mastered your open chords!

For strumming on this song, since it’s more of a gentle ballad, I prefer to just use the fleshy part of my thumb to strum using all down strums. I think this sounds much nicer than using a pick in this case. It gives the song a warmer feel and it produces a rounder sound. It also works well if you’re singing along because you won’t find yourself struggling to be heard over the guitar. You can sing as softly and deliberately as you like!

Speaking of singing, if this tune is a little too low for your voice, this is why we have capos! Experiment placing the capo along the fretboard until you’ve found a key that works for your vocal range.

Once you’ve got the chords and chord changes down, you can even start experimenting with fingerstyle playing. There are a few points where it might get a little sticky, but play around and see what kind of arrangement you can come up with. Don’t forget – this is supposed to be fun! That’s why it’s called playing!

D/F# (thumb)
D/F# (2x023x)
G/B (x2003x)
Emin7 (020000)



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