505 by Arctic Monkeys

Ah, the Arctic Monkeys. They’re certainly one of the coolest bands around, at least from within the past two decades, and they’ve sort of come to be darlings of the British indie-punk scene. This song, 505, isn’t too terribly difficult and it’s a great one for beginners who are looking for some practice with their minor chords and minor barre chords.

It starts off simple enough, with just two chords – D minor and E minor. If you’re one of those who has a bit of trouble playing the D minor chord the traditional way with fingers 1, 2, and 3, you can certainly try subbing out your 3rd finger for your 4th. This is a pretty common D minor “hack,” and it’s one that I tend to fall back on. Also, with the D minor chord, you can get away with accidentally playing the 5th string. The chord really only consists of the smaller four strings but hitting that A string isn’t the worst thing in the world. Actually, I quite like the way it sounds sometimes. Definitely avoid that thickest string, though!

The rest of the song is pretty straightforward from there, despite what it may sound like on the original recording. The original has a ton of layers going on within it. For that reason, this is a great tune to learn, grow, and experiment with. Towards the end of the song, you can work on building up the intensity and maybe switching over to the barre chord versions of D minor and E minor. Also, if you’re interested in playing around with different effects, like digital delays, tremolo, reverb, or loops, or even just with some interesting or complicated rhythm patterns and styles, this is a great one to do it with.