Difficulty: Blue
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Are you ready to get Thunderstruck? This is one of the all time great rock riffs and is a real technical challenge! It requires solid sync between your picking and fretting hands and for most people keeping it going pushies the limits of stamina!

In this lesson I take you through the main parts but I recommend you use your ears and listen to it - there are many layers of awesomeness here to explore and you need to put the riffs together in the right order to play along. Make sure you fix your ears onto Malcolms solid rhythm guitar as well as Angus's flash!

It's also worth listening to a live version so you can hear the way AC/DC themselves arrange it for two guitars.

Watch An Awesome Live At Donnington Video Clip in vid to the right.


Gretsch Malcolm Young model (I'm a massive fan of the all time god of rock rhythm guitar!)

Kemper Profiler, 69 Marshall preset, no tweaks!

Just reverb from the Strymon Big Sky in the FX loop.




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