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This Blues Rhythm Guitar Course is an "Intermediate Module" which will cover all the basic tools you need to play Blues Rhythm Guitar in a few styles. Each lesson contains a backing track to jam with so you can get your groove on and put the chords and rhythms into practice!

You should study the Intermediate Foundation lessons before starting the course (or possibly during the course if you're super dedicated and have time to work properly on both!) or you may find parts of it very difficult, don't try to build on sketchy foundations!

There is a DVD/Download available of this Module which contains awesome bonus lessons:

BL-211 • Voice Leading Blues (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 1)
Using more complex chords and simple substitutions to create tasty blues voice leading. I tab out two ways of using voice leading in a jazzy blues and explain how to do it! I think this is a great lesson... very useful thing to learn and applies to many styles!!

BL-212 • Minor Blues (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 2)
How to play a minor blues chord sequence and the interesting chords that come to it. A very cool tool to add to your arsenal.

BL-213 • The Bo Diddley Rhythm (DVD ONLY - BONUS LESSON 3)
Bo Diddley is often said to be the bridge from Blues to Rock 'n' Roll and certainly had a huge influence on the early rock 'n' rollers - and his very specific rhythm pattern made it into many hits for the coming generations!


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