YouTubers I Rate for Guitar Lessons

There are loads of great teachers out there but the ones on my radar that I respect are:

Marty Music - My man Marty Schwartz is a mate and a cool dude, fun teacher and he's really rocking his new (way better) channel.

Paul Davids - I've not met up with Paul yet, but he plays nice and teaches really well and seems a cool chap!

Quist - Quist mainly does backing tracks but he's a fine guitar player and puts out quality content!

Texas Blues Alley - Anthony teaches that Texas SRV thing and does it really well! Great setup and high-quality content!

Ben Eller - has some really fun vids and solid teaching vids!

Rick Beato - The dude with the kid with amazing ears! He's a serious cat, plays guitar and piano great and understands production and tone and harmony - great stuff :)

will add more later - this was just off the top of my head!