Ups To The All Down

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Up until now, we’ve mainly been exploring strumming patterns using all down strums on the 8th notes. Now, we’re going to start incorporating some up strums! It’s about time, huh?

Of course, between down strums, there’s an up strum, so as long as we’re keeping our strumming arm moving consistently throughout the strumming pattern, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with more complex or advanced strumming patterns. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to add in some of those ups between the downs.

If you’ve tried a pattern that you like, write it down! Get it down on paper so you can visualize it and keep up with it. For now, I’ve got three patterns you can try. For all of them, be sure to relax into them! It should feel easy, not forced or strained. Also, while you generally want to aim for a consistent pattern, if you add in a few extra strums here or there, it’s usually fine! In fact, it can be pretty nice to add in some variation (especially at the end of a section - like just before a chorus). We'll explore this a bit more later!

Three Patterns

In the video I talk you through three suggested patterns, you don't have to use them specifically but they're good starting points if you don't want to explore the idea on your own.

Remember the numbers and '+' will be downs and 'e' and 'a' will be up!

1 + 2e+ 3 + 4e+

1 + 2 +a3 + 4 +a

1 + 2 +a3e+ 4 +a

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