The IV Chord Arpeggio

Now that you (hopefully) feel confident on the I chord using the A7 Arpeggio - it's time to introduce playing the arpeggio on the IV chord - in the key of A (which we're working on in this series), that will be the D7 Arpeggio.


Make sure when practising the arpeggio you start and end on the lowest root note.

Try to visualize the shape on the neck as an overlay against the Minor Pentatonic and also the A7 arpeggio.

Work on playing it up and down over a loop on just the D7 and get it under your fingers.

Only when confident, start mixing the order of the notes up!

Then start to include the b3 sliding up to the 3rd for the real cool blues sound!

Once you start jamming with it - don't worry about what fingers go where - use whatever you like!

A little theory!

If you don't know the 'quality' of each note in the arpeggio work it out! I'd strongly suggest going through my Practical Music Theory course if you're not sure about the way chords are constructed and where the notes are on the fretboard etc.

The notes in the arpeggio ate D F# A and C - make sure you know where these notes are on the fretboard!


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