The Arpeggiator [be afraid!]

This exercise is easily the best exercise for linking arpeggios, but it's mentally taxing and quite difficult to get good at - but totally worth the effort and the pain!

Before You Start

Don't even think about starting this if you are not 100% confident with your A7 (Pattern 1) and D7 (Pattern 4) arpeggios - you need to know them very well and have explored them over backing tracks.

They need to be memorized, preferably you should be able to visualize the shape of the arpeggios on the fretboard.

The Arpeggiator Exercise

The basic idea here is that you will play 8 notes up an arpeggio and then swap to the next arpeggio - to the closest note in the direction in which you are travelling.

To clarify - play the first 8 notes of an A7 arpeggio and then switch to D7 arpeggio, continue either ascending or descending and move to the next note.

It's easier to see/hear it that write it out!


Take it very slowly and don't be afraid to stop between arpeggios if needed. Get it right - not fast!

Only when you're confident making the switch - try doing it with a metronome - this will help you deal with the pressure you will feel in a 'real' situation - so do give it a go!

Try to stay strictly playing the arpeggio notes for this - no adding in the framed 3rds or anything else I've shown you - they'll all be re-introduced shortly!


Below you'll find an image of the first page of TAB, but registered users can download an extended PDF or a Guitar Pro file too! :) The GP files is very useful because you can play along and make sure you get it right - and adjust the speed!


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