T Wah Effect (+PATCH)

T Wah (Touch Wah or Auto Wah) is a super cool and expressive effect and hope you'll dig it as much as I do after this session exploring the parameters and what they do! :)


Just two choices here: LPF (Low Pass Filter) mainly adjusts Low Frequencies and BPF (Band Pass Filter) which does a mid range filter sweep.


You can choose if the filter sweep goes UP or DOWN, I nearly always use up, but I'm, sure there are times when down will be cool too, I just don't find it as useful myself!


This one is a big deal - the lower settings you'll not get the filter opening right up even if you hit the notes super hard - but higher settings it will open up even if you play quietly. Most times it would be unusual to go much above 80 unless you were playing sensitive stuff with fingers and if you're hitting hard with a pick you want to lower it right down!


This controls the frequency of the filter sweep - from low sounds on the left to higher ranges on the right - experiment and find the frequency working best for what you're playing - generally the middle area will be most commonly used (the top!) and these mid sounds will help your sound poke through in a mix too!


This is how much of an accent you get on the peak of the filer opening up - higher settings can make it harsh and pokey in most instances - but there are times it'll be cool. Too little and the effect loses some of it's magic!

Effect Level

You'll generally want this at 50% but you'll match it to fit the patch depending on what other effects you're having and the loudness you want relative to other patches.

Direct Mix

Not sure in what circumstances you might want the dry (unaffected signal) coming through, but maybe there is a reason I can't think of!


Download the JGTR T Wah Start patch as a starting point or just experiment yourself! :) It's the same as the effect I start with.


I left the screen grab running while I was jamming around in case you want to check out some of the settings I used on the other jammy bits!

Chain 1 or 2?

Well, there's a clip in the video (at the end) where I try both (you can see it on the screen!), and I think I preferred Chain 2 (that was what nearly all the video used) but there wasn't a whole lot in it in this instance!


Boss Katana