Songs For Lesson 9

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The focus of this lesson has been the F and the cheats so ideally we will find some songs that use some of those chords... but not much or you might get a hand ache! If you happen to have nailed down the full F Barre chord then there is no harm in using it but remember these little ones are useful too!

You will probably have discovered songs along your journey thus far that you wanted to play but avoided because it had an F chord - well now is the time to have a go at them - but here are some suggestions I liked!

Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Being that we learned the riff, makes sense to check out the rest of the song, it'll probably use the Mini F but you can use F Maj7 too if you need to! However, I've just been reminded that the guitar solo modulates to another key and needs an F#min and a Dmaj7... so you might have to skip that bit or come back to it later!

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones

I love this song and while the original version is usually played with Open Tuning, you can play it with just C and Fmaj7/C for the verses and a sneaky D chord every now and then. I'll get onto a simple version lesson soon!

House Of Rising Sun - The Animals

This is a great one for D to Mini F sharpe and we'll be revisiting this song a bit further down the way for some fingerpicking, so it's a good one to have a looksy at now!

One - U2

This one uses the Fmaj7 in the song (not regular F) so is a great song for that and again, it's one we can revisit when we look at Sus chords - beautiful song!

The Scientist - Coldplay

This is another song played using a strange tuning on the original but I did lessons for a simple version too!

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Oh man, someone just suggested this in the comments and I LOVE this song! How could I have forgotten it, it's Fmaj7 to G for the majority of the song. I wish Nitsuj had been working on this - going to add it in!


Let me know which songs you're working on in the comments too!



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