Songs For Lesson 4

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You’ve made it through another lesson! I’ve got some song recommendations for you where you can really dive in and practice that D minor chord and work on your chord changes.

It’s really important to work some actual songs into your practice routine, especially at this stage. Believe it or not, many beginner guitarists don’t even make it past this stage – but that’s not going to be you! By playing songs that incorporate what you’re learning in the lessons, it helps you practice in a way that’s way more enjoyable than just running drills with a metronome all day. 

Great Songs For Lesson 4

Being the new chord we did this lesson was D minor - it would be ace to add some songs that use that chord mixed in with chords you already know! All the below are available on my Beginner Song Course App too which makes song practice lots more fun!

Do your best to find songs that you really like and that will inspire you to keep practising! :)


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