Sequence: Rev 3-In-A-Line (Min Pent - Legato)

The Reverse 3-in-a-line pattern is my personal favourite and I  use it all the time. You reverse each 'block' of the 3-in-a-line sequnce:

Normal 3-in-a-line: 123 - 234 - 345 - 456 - 567 - etc.
Reverse 3-in-a-line: 321 - 432 - 543 - 654 - 765 - etc

It sounds real cool ascending to me, descending sounds angular and interesting but less musical to me - but you might love it - try it and see!

Learn the sequence first and then apply the hammer-ons and flick-offs where you can (shown in the TAB).

Example 1
The Reverse 3-in-a-line sequence - shown with Hybrid Picking (the m for middle is shown in the notation, not next to the picking, but I couldn't change it!)

Example 2
This is the very cool Minor Pentatonic Pattern 1 lick that I use a lot!

Example 3
The Descending version which uses a lot of hammer-ons. It's pretty cool but not totally my bag.

Examples 4-8 (Labelled by Pattern)
This is the lick I teach in Patten 2 but shown in all five Patterns - it's a super exercise, very useful and fun.

Example 9
This is the last lick I teach in the video.

Registered users can download a PDF of GuitarPro :) The GuitarPro is really useful because you can change the speed.

More soon me lovelies!


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