Sequence: In 4ths (Min Pent P1)

This really is one of the coolest and most fun exercises you can do on the Minor Pentatonic. It sounds really cool and there are some even more fun variations for you to get stuck into when you're comfortable with this one! It's a great exercise for developing your rolling technique and getting used to playing notes in the same fret on adjacent strings as well - so a double whammy!

I found it quite a battle when I started and just couldn't get my fingers around it, sometimes notes would be ringing out wrong or I'd miss them altogether - if that happens to you - just take it slow and look at the technique and let your fingers figure it out :) they will get there and when they are comfortable with it it will open up a new dimension to your pentatonic use.

I've taught it as Minor pentatonic but it works just the same for Major Pentatonic too of course - the shapes are the same - use your ears and stop on a strong sound.

Melodic Sequences For Scales