Sequence: In 3rds (Major P4 P5)

Now we're checking out P4 and P5 of the Major Scale In 3rds. Both will involve some thought and some problem solving!

Some Observations

1. There are a number of fingering options for P4. Experiment and see what works well for you - give each option a bit of a go and don't dismiss things too quickly. Once you decide on a fingering option it will get harder to change the longer you practice it - so choose wisely!

2. If you use a 3NPS (3 Notes Per String) option (as I do on the PDF and GPX) then you end up with a very convenient amount of notes that you can cycle a 2 bar pattern. If you use the 17 note option (the standard fingering I teach) you end up playing the last note for one measure - you can see that in P5 in the TAB. Which to choose? Totally up to you! I'm showing you my preference in the TABs but you should experiment yourself too!

3. You might use different fingering options for different Melodic Sequences. Is that a bad thing?

4. You might prefer to do some sequences in some patterns but not others. Is that a bad thing?

5. There are many questions that don't have convenient answers. Is that a bad thing? :)


As usual, registered users will find a GPX (for Guitar Pro - 20% discount with this link!) and a TAB PDF they might like to use.


Melodic Sequences For Scales