Sequence: In 3rds (Major P2 P3)

I would STRONGLY advise that you have worked on the "In 3rds" sequence on Pattern 1 of The Major Scale before even looking at this lesson.

Problem Solving

As well as looking at Pattern 2 and 3 of The Major Scale - we'll look at the Problem Solving aspect a little - it's the kind of thing you have to work at on your own a bit - explore how things work for you and what you want to do - I'm reluctant to say that there is a right or wrong way - except to say that the right one might not be the first thing that falls under your fingers! Give it some thought and try a few things - see what works for you and think a bit about the logic and different approaches you might find!


As usual, registered users will find a GPX (for Guitar Pro - 20% discount with this link!) and a TAB PDF they might like to use.

Next lesson we'll look at Patterns 4 and 5 and more problem solving!


Melodic Sequences For Scales