Palm Muting

Learning to slightly mute the strings is an essential rock technique and easily learned and will help with picking technique too - it really adds the right flavour to your rhythm playing and makes a HUGE difference to the overall sound. Works great on acoustic too!

Experiment with placement of your hand and how much mute you want/need. The type of pickups, how much gain you use, how hard you pick and the placement of the hand will all alter the sound of the palm mute and you need to experiment and get used to how the changes affect the sound.

Once you have the technique confident - try adding the accent on beats 2 and 4 (or other places if you feel adventurous 0- check out Basket Case by Greenday for some creative and super cool accent passages). 

When adding accents you will commonly just 'chugg' on one string and push through further and play more strings for the accents.

You can also 'open up' for the accent and play the notes without the palm mute which can sound super cool in the right place!


Lesson 12: Power Chords!