One Minute Changes (Stage 6)

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We've got a whole heap of chords by this stage... and so you have some work to do! Now that we have introduced the F chord, you have to work on every chord that we've looked at so far and its change to F... or do you?

1 Minute Changes

What you will find as you progress is that some chords sound good combined with other chords, and some sound a bit odd. Up to this point we've been looking at changing between all the chords to get your fingers working well, but now I want you to start to focus on chord changes that you will actually use.

Suggested changes are:

  1. F to C - 3rd finger stays on as an anchor
  2. F to E - Slide the barre off and use fingers 2/3/4 to play the E Chord!*
  3. F to D - All change
  4. F to Am - All change
  5. F to G - All change

* Playing the E chord with fingers 2, 3 and 4 is not normally recommended, but is very useful sometimes. It's for you to work out when, because it really depends on the situation.

The examples I have given you here are chords which are very often heard in songs with F so they will all need work, but from now on I want you to think about the chord changes you actually need to use for the songs you want to play. So, if you come across a chord change that you find difficult in a song, add it into your One-Minute Changes! Even if that part of your schedule is full, add it in there and do that extra minute in your practice session. You know better than anyone what chords you need to work on the most, because you know what songs you play and what you want to play!

So after working on the examples above, think carefully about the ones you will work on next!

Moving On...

OK, next it's time to start using a capo.

Beginner 6: The F Chord


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