One Minute Changes (F4)

You should now have all 8 of the most common barre chord grips under your fingers so we're going to be jumping between some of the most popular combinations. Good fun this, in a sadistic kinda way.


These changes should be fast - but they also need to be good - so don't sacrifice a good barre chord for the speed. Once you get the fingers moving right you should find they kinda speed up on their own! strange but true.

So don't be a slouch - work it - try and get those changes going as fast as you can, but try and keep the accuracy too.

I did tell you that these ones are a bit easier than the A Shape Major, and I'm sure you will find that to be true, but you will probably also have a bit of fun remembering all the shapes - so do make sure that you get them right before you start practicing them a lot!

As usual, make sure you are working the most on the hardest ones. If I have a combination written down here that you feel confident with then, just swap it for one you find really hard!

One trick you might like to use here, is to make sure that you are confident with the shape before you start. So it's worth playing it very slowly a few times and being 100% certain that you know which shapes you are jumping between.

The recommended changes that I think are very commonly used are:

  1. A (E Shape) to E7 (A Shape)
  2. G minor 7 (E Shape) to C minor 7 (A Shape)
  3. Bb7 (E Shape) to Eb7 (A Shape)
  4. G (E Shape) to B7 (A Shape)
  5. Ab minor (E Shape) to Db Major (A Shape)

It's gonna be tough, but you can do it - I know you can! :) It's just practice! I promise :)))

Intermediate Foundation 4