Minor Pentatonic Picking Exercise

This lesson is all about developing your picking skills in a useful way that will help you learn your minor pentatonic scales as well. You should try doing it free time (try and tap your foot if you can!) first, and make sure you are doing it right. As soon as you are, you should put on the metronome and play along, and then slowly speed the tempo up! These exercises are all shown for the A Minor Pentatonic Scale.

The Exercise

Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale with:

  1. All down picks
  2. All up picks (yes, most people find this a bit tricky!!)
  3. Down and up pick on each note (so each note will be played twice)
  4. Alternate Picking (down with first finger notes and up with all the rest)

When you are alternate picking, once you get to doing two notes per metronome click, make sure that the down pick is the note that goes with the click!

Moving On...

Next up we're gonna rock out a little more.