Mini Blues 7th Chord Grips

Sometimes it sounds better to play small chord grips rather than big extended monstrosities :) The chords we learn in this lesson are really super useful in blues and jazz and I probably use these more than I would use any other chord grips!

They are simple, just containing the root, 3rd and b7th, but as usual, the key is making sure you know where the root note is. 

Backing Track

Here is the Blues in Bb Backing track for you to practice with! I kept this one pretty straight so you can really work in those extended chords, and make sure you are using all the chords we did in the previous lessons too! It does use a "Quick Change" still, but that's the only sequence variation.

Blues Rhythm Track 8 by justinguitar


The Chords!

TO DO - These chords need making! R6 and R5, showing root unplayed and using F1 and 3 for the notes.

Practice Time!

Jam with the supplied backing track but be sure to apply this to other grooves and patterns you play, this one of the tools I use all the time, probably I'd struggle to get through a blues without using it at some point - especially cool for 'bringing it down' or if you playing with piano players!

Blues Rhythm 1