Maton Mini

This video introduces "Mini" my Mini Maton acoustic. She is a fine sounding gal with a big fat voice for such a little thing. I play a bit of a new tune I am working on in a strange tuning (for the record it's: Db Bb Gb Db Gb Eb from thin string to thick - which is kind of a Open G tuning, with the thick E string at regular pitch, and then all down a semitone).

Hope you like it!

Because so many people asked already... This guitar is in a different league to the Taylor Baby guitar and the Martin Traveller. I have owned both of those other guitars, and I can promise that I would NEVER have used them in the studio. They were fine for hacking around in the back of the car and taking camping, but the Mini Maton, sounds amazing. Crowded House have used them live... now that is a proper endorsement!!!

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