Major Pentatonic Study Lick 2

We continue our study of the Major Pentatonic and learning to make changes with another lick - which I think is a real important one because it can be played simple and easy while you learn it - but there are LOADS of licks living within this simple pattern that once you get inside it you can explore it for years (I still am!).

As per the last lesson, learn the lick 'straight' first (as it's written) or simplify if needed by removing the bend,

Play along with a backing track (Blues In A) and then when confident with the set pattern try making some small variations.

When happy with that you might like to try playing your regular minor pentatonic licks through a blues and just inserting this lick when you want to - making sure of course that you use the right lick over the right chord.

It's the ability to know where you are in the changes that is of utmost importance here!

Getting this lick down will really help when we start looking at specific ways of combining the Major and Minor Pentatonics over a Blues.

TAB and GuitarPro files available for registered users! :) Hope you dig it!


Blues Lead 4: Changes