Major Pentatonic Study Lick 1

This simple lick is GREAT for getting started with the Major Pentatonic and learning how to make the changes in a Blues!

Learn it slow - practice it on each chord and then try to string it together for the whole blues sequence (as seen below and in the TAB and GuitarPro files).

Once you can do that then try to mix it in with a 'normal' Minor Pentatonic jam - making sure you play the right lick over the right chord - and try to develop the sense of where you are in the chord sequence at all times - that is the key thing here!

Also, try to experiment a bit with the lick - it's just an idea - change and explore it as much as you can - there is a lot of fun stuff in there!

Next lessons we'll be doing a similar thing with another lick that fits nicer into Minor Pentatonic Box 1 and then we'll explore ways of mixing it all up!

Hope you dig it!

Blues Lead 4: Changes