Lesson 9 Practice Schedule

Difficulty: Yellow
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As you progress on the course I am hoping that you think about what you practice and adapt the routines to what you need - we are all different and will have different struggles.

This is a suggested starting point from what I know about teaching and from my lefty experiences - but you should change things and times if they don't suit you!

Also, KEEP IT FUN! :) find ways of making the routine work for you - like exercise - if you are not enjoying it there is less chance you will stick with the program!

  • 5" Songs repertoire revision - moved first to serve as a warm up to!
  • 2" Attempting F Chord - just building it up!
  • 2" F Chord cheats practice - work on the ones you need for songs and use the Chord Perfect idea of picking out notes one at a time to check you have all the notes ringing out clearly.
  • PFC Fmaj7 to C - or change these to suits songs you want to play!
  • PFC Fmaj7 to G
  • PFC D to F
  • 2' C Major Scale - SLOW and CAREFUL!
  • 2' Little Finger Workout
  • 4' Californication
  • 10" Song work (new songs that use the F Cheats!)

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