Lesson 2 Practice

The best way to do your practice is to use My Practice Assistant which is available free on your dashboard. Click the practice tab above and then select replace Current Active Routine (your old one, or test one if you just started, will be saved in Inactive Routines). Then go to your dashboard (link top right of screen or use /practice) and then select the Practice tab - and off you go! Of course, you can edit your routine if you want to!

Here’s a breakdown of what a typical 20-minute practice session should look like to practice everything you’ve learned in Lesson 2:

  • Chord Perfect – E Chord: 2 minutes
  • Chord Perfect – D Chord: 1 minute
  • Chord Perfect – A Chord: 1 minute
  • Anchor Finger Practice: 2 minutes
  • One Minute Changes - A to D: 1 minute
  • One Minute Changes - A to E: 1 minute
  • One Minute Changes - D to E: 1 minute
  • Peter Gunn Theme Riff Fun: 1 minute
  • Song work: 10 minutes

Total 20 Minutes

You’ll be ready to move on when...

  • You’ve memorized E chord (as well as A and D chords of course!)
  • You are comfortable using an anchor finger for these chord changes.
  • You can get around 30 chord changes in one minute between all chords learned so far.
  • Had some fun with the Peter Gunn Theme!
  • You had a go at playing a song (or two) using all 3 chords.


Lesson 2: The E Gunn