Lesson 12 Practice Schedule

Sticking with the 30-minute routine - but this is just a suggestion and I would recommend editing the routine to suit what you need and don't be shy about it!

  • 5" Songs repertoire revision
  • 2" Minor Pentatonic
  • 3" Power Chord - experiments = fingers, muting, placement (While needed - change later!)
  • 2' 5th root and sliding (Cocaine / Anarchy In The UK, Song 2)
  • 3' String Changes and Shifting (Mollys Lips / SLTS)
  • 2' Palm Muting Work (ATST slow)
  • 3' Enter Sandman Riff / Song
  • 10" Song work (new songs)

Please note that I have done MPA videos for all of them but not the songs yet - there are not many suitable songs on the app (yet) and I'm still having problems recording my iPad screen. I'm on it - will fix asap.

When To Move On?

Well, not we're into tricky territory!! If you are not really into rock then you could move on when you like - BUT - this is useful stuff even if you are not into rock and there is a LOT to learn here if you do it properly - so I don't suggest you hurry... take you time and learn a few songs and get comfy with Power Chords - they will make your life a lot easier when you hit the Intermediate grades and start on barre chords!

You should have:

  • Memorise the notes on the thickest 2 strings
  • Play R6 and R5 Power Chord shapes and mute the unwanted strings effectively
  • Explored Palm Muting
  • Memorized the A Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Had a go at Enter Sandman
  • Learned at least a couple of songs using Power Chords!

The next lesson is all about Blues - so might also help to do a bit of listening to some great Blues Tracks! (my Spotify playlist).


Lesson 12: Power Chords!