Killing In The Name TSL

Difficulty: Spectrum

On this page you can download a preset (patch) for your Katana amplifier. Download it below the google ad on the right - mobile users will find the file linked below (but you can't load via mobile, so wait until you're on desktop/laptop!). Once you have the file (which will end .tsl) you can use the import function in the Boss Tone Studio. Then you'll be rocking with the sound!

Note that a big part of the sound is the T Type guitar with relatively low output pickups - if you're using high gain pickups you'll need to lower the gain a bit.


Guitar: T Type
Pickup: Bridge

This sound is just used on the very intro.


Guitar: T Type
Pickup: Bridge

Please note the Solo sound is missing because it needs a Digitech whammy pedal to recreate properly!


Boss Katana



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