Katana Effect Chain

The order the guitar signal passes through the effects and the 'amp sound' can change the sound quite dramatically in some circumstances and I already had a few people asking about this part of the Tone Studio software and why it's there!

There are 3 chain options and these are offering some alternate “Signal Chains” to choose from - it's all about the position of the Amplifier Gain and EQ (let's call it AmpEQ).

Chain 1
Some modulation effects (the Harmonist effect would be a good example) would usually be better placed after the AmpEQ. You might also use Chain 1 to add a Boost that was going to increase the overall sound (a Clean Boost) but most times you would want to add boost effects before the AmpEQ so they 'drive the amp harder'.

Chain 2
Most gain or drive effects (especially fuzz types) sound better before the AmpEQ (in both Chain 2 and Chain 3) and most modulation and delay type effects are better between the AmpEQ and Speaker - so Chain 2 is likely to be the most commonly used.

Chain 3
Putting the DEL/FX effects before the amp might sound better in some circumstances but it’s a lot less useful in my experience - I would put a 'real' valve Tape Echo machine before the amp for sure, but unlikely I would do that with this amp. Perhaps I'll find more use for this as I continue to explore the amp!

My suggestion would be to use Chain2 most of the time, but stay aware of the above circumstances where you might need to change it. I will try to remember to mention it when we get into specific effects where it would come into play.

If you’re making a creative preset then it’s worth experimenting with the different chains - sometimes doing the ‘wrong’ thing can lead to some cool and interesting sounds.

To select the Chain you want - just click anywhere on it!

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