Effect Slot Overview

There are 3 Effects Slots and each one has the choice of two effects types but only one effect in each slot can be used at one time.

Each effect type has three effect choices which are represented by three colours, green, red and yellow. Which effect is assigned to which 'colour' within the slot needs to be done in the Tone Studio software (and you should it's a very powerful and fun tool) and I have a patch called Kleen Start that you might find a fun place to explore as you start off! Pressing the button above the knob on your amp will scroll through the three colours. 

The left and middle knobs are split between the two effect choices on each slot - turning the knob fully counterclockwise turns the effect slot off - turning it clockwise turns the left effect (BOOSTER on knob 1 and DELAY on knob 2) and then adds more effect until the 12 o'clock position where it will change the effect being used in the slot to the right effect (MOD on knob 1 and FX on knob 2) and then gradually increase the amount of that effect until we reach the maximum.

The settings for each slot and each effect can be adjusted and saved as a preset in the Boss Tone Studio, you can select them from this master effect screen and then edit the effects on dedicated pages for each effect.

For effects like delay and reverb where the parameters (knobs!) stay the same for each one, the settings will remain on the type and you can experiment with the ‘flavour’ you like.

Effect Slot 1: Booster & Mod

Booster what they say - they boost the signal, usually to create more distortion from the amp or to change the sound so it ‘cuts through’ better for solos. 

Mod is short for Modulation effects and includes things like Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Touch Wah, Octaver and more!

Effect Slot 2: Delay and FX

Delay include a range of delay effects, including tape delay (digital simulation of course!), digital delay, analog and a few more.

FX contains all the same effects we had in the Mod tab, so if you need a booster and a mod effect you can - or if you want 2 different mod effects you can!

Effect Slot 3: Reverb (& Delay)

This is essentially the reverb slot but they have added the option to include some delay here as well in case you want to use Slot 2 for FX but still want some delay. The delay choices are the same as the ones in Slot 2 and Reverb has the usual basic reverb types and parameters. You need to select the 'mode' from the effects screen and can choose from Delay, Delay + Reverb and Reverb on its own.

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