Creating Blues Riffs

Learning to make up your own riff is great fun and will also help you when it comes to transcribing. In the real world, it's very free - you don't have to stick with the note groups and arpeggios shown, these are shown just as a starting point but you'll learn a lot by exploring, trying other notes, rhythms or concepts.

Be sure to check out the way the riffs move with the chords, ‘cos that is really the key to making this work!

Experiment with notes from the Minor Pentatonic, The A7 Arpeggio and or the A6 arpeggio! The only limit is your imagination!

A big help will be to listen and try and work out some riffs by the great masters... Hubert Sumlin (who played with Howlin Wolf) did amazing stuff, but best to pick some players that you really dig... best to start simple, if they sound a little like the things we looked at in this lesson they should be an easy place to start! 

Backing Track

Here is the Blues in A Backing track for you to practice with! This one uses a "Long V" and a "Long I", keeping it simple and giving you time to think about your turnaround.

Blues Rhythm Track 10 by justinguitar


Practice Time & Module Completion!

I'd like you to try to compose your own blues song to complete the course. Maybe it uses some riffs for some sections and chords, gospel slides and anything else you enjoyed from the module. Name it and record it if you can - when it's done you have passed Blues Rhythm Guitar 1 :) well done - hope you enjoyed it!

Blues Rhythm 1