Blues Turnarounds (Last 2 Bars!)

Turnarounds are an important thing to be aware of - usually songs will use the same turnaround all the way through (or most of the way through) but often when jamming a blues you have to keep your ears open and listen to what is being played and join in! You can of course decide beforehand with your bandmates, but often you'll just use your ears!

The backing track uses a different one each time around so you can get used to them, so be sure to check out the chart (or use your ears!!). Hope you dig.

Backing Track

Here is the Blues in D Backing track for you to practice with! This one uses a "Long V", keeping it simple and giving you time to think about your turnaround.

Blues Rhythm Track 9 by justinguitar


Very sorry dudes but the blues is in D, not G as shown in the chart - however, the chords in the turnaround are correct - -- I'm hoping you got the skills to work out the right chords until I get a chance to re-make the chart right?


Practice Time!

Make sure you explore using all kinds of chords for this - go back and check out the lessons where we looked at loads of 7th chords and try combining them - you could try using your extensions too - there are MANY ways to explore this concept!

Blues Rhythm 1