Blues Chord Extensions

Once you are happy playing the regular 7th chords all over the neck, it's a lot of fun to introduce 9th and 13th chords. 11th chords are ok too but you have to be a lot more careful with them and they're used a lot less, so I've not included them in this lesson.

We're looking at three 9th chord grips and three 13th chord grips which are very usable and you should be able to start mixing them in right away. They may sound a little jazz at first but with a solid backbeat drum groove that flavour fades and they just sound blues.

The backing track is in C and I'm suggesting you play it with a groove of playing on the 1 and the + after 2... the drums and bass are hitting this rhythm so it should be pretty obvious! Note that the chart says 9th chords - but of course you can use the 7th's and the 13th's too - you should experiment with using these chords over all the previous backing tracks too!!

Backing Track

Here is the Blues in C Backing track for you to practice with! I kept this one pretty straight so you can really work in those extended chords, and make sure you are using all the 7th chords we did in the last lesson too! It does use a "Quick Change" still, but that's the only sequence variation.

Blues Rhythm Track 6 by justinguitar


12 Bar Blues in D


So many many chords... so little time :)



*Root note not played!





*Root found 2 frets
above 1st finger note!

Blues Rhythm 1