Awesome Power Chord Songs

There are THOUSANDS of great Power Chord songs around and I plan on expanding this list as soon as a I get a few minutes to sit and think about it and do some listening - there are not many lessons for these songs (not sure why I have not done them yet) and not many in the App either - BUT I'm going to hit this very soon and get a whole bunch of the song lessons done... there will also be a lot more when I hit the Beginner Rock Guitar Module (Grade 3!) but that's a while off yet!

Songs great as exercises

I chatted about this as we went - but I think using songs is a great way of practising this stuff!

For Slides:

Cocaine (Eric Clapton) - no lesson yet and not on the app! But basically: EEDE and then E D C B

Song 2 (Blur): Lesson - not in the app yet.

Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols) - no lesson yet and not on the app! But basically: Verses are CCCCCCCCCCCFE and then Chorus is GGGGGGGGGGGG FFFFFFF EEEE DDDD

For Crossing Strings:

Molly Lips (Nirvana) - no lesson yet and not on the app! But basically: G and C for the whole thing.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) - Lesson - Not in app. Has Katana Patch too!

For Adding Palm Mute and generally mixing it all together!

All The Small Things (Blink-182) - is IN THE APP (hooray!) and awesome for palm mute and string crossing!

Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz)  - Lesson - I need to check the app! A AAA B CCCCC GGGGG DDDDD

Song revision

Come As You Are (Nirvana)

Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)

Loads more harder songs! I'll do some more research for you soon (as I plan the rock course!)

Rolling In The Deep (Adele) super cool if you dig pop!

Basket Case
American Idiot
Iron Man
Eye of the Tiger
You Really Got Me
Hells Bells
Hit Me With Your best Shot (has / in verse!)
Blitzkrieg Bop (A D E B)
RIFF Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
Teenage Dirtbag

Lesson 12: Power Chords!