Autumn Leaves [Exploring]

Now this bit I can't help you with much because it's better if you do it on your own. But here's some basic things you should be exploring:

1. Try playing the melody in different parts of the neck (different positions)
2. Try out some chord substitutions, both extensions and substitutions and seeing what works.
3. Try using only arpeggios to make an improvised solo.
4. Try using only scales to make an improvised solo.
5. Try playing the song in other keys.
6. Transcribe as many solos for this song you find THAT YOU REALLY LIKE (I don't recommend wasting time transcribing and learning solos that you don't like, it's a waste of time).
7. Try using the licks you steal from your transcriptions and mixing in with your improvisations.
8. Try making up your own chord melody (chords and melody at the same time).
9. ?

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