About The Katana Patches

I think the Katana is the best bang for buck guitar amplifier I've ever tried and is the amp I recommend for beginners, and even jobbing musicians will find it'll cut through at a gig. This series I thought I'd try getting sounds as close to the recordings as I could so you'd have something to have fun with learning the lesson and also have some cool starting points to explore your own sounds.


I've been using quite a few guitars in making these patches, trying to get as close to what was used by the original artist. It does make a difference and you just can't get an SRV tone out of a Les Paul... so if you don't have the right guitar you might have to do some tweaking!

G Type: Gibson Les Paul
S Type: Fender Stratocaster
T Type: Fender Telecaster

Pickup Selector

The suggested pickup selector is just a starting point, sometimes I found that on different guitars (even of the same type!) that songs sounded closer on other pickup configurations! So do experiment with it yourself!


I've been programming them with the master volume at 12 (noon, halfway) but they mostly sound better with it up full - but be careful you don't rip your ears off!

Team Effort

I got one of my assistants, a fine young guitarist (and student many years ago at The Guitar Institute) called Jimmy Owen to get the patches going and then I tweak and refine them at my studio. So thanks for the help with these Jimmy! And also thanks to Boss for sponsoring this project.

Justin & Jimmy on a programming session! Oct 2018.


Boss Katana