$50 Guitar Pick + Can You Hear It?

There is no "best" pick - it's a very personal thing. My Blue Chip feels the best to be most of the time but I still use other picks for changes in sound... but they don't feel as nice to me any more now I'm used to the BC luxury! :)

OK, so the list of picks in no particular order is:

Blue Chip Big Jazz 50*
Dunlop Jazz III
Fender Thin
Dunlop Nylon .38
Dunlop Nylon .60
Dunlop Nylon 1mm
Dragon Heart wooden pick
Tortex Orange .60
Tortex Purple 1.14mm
Big Stubby

If you want to try to test yourself - see how many you can place in the right order - I'd struggle but maybe you have better ears than me - put your result (but not your answers please) in the comments below!

* looks like prices have come down since I got mine, and now the Blue Chip big Jazz is now "only" $35! Bargain! :)

Click here to see the correct order of the picks!


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