If you need help with a product you've bought, then it'll be super helpful to contact the right person as I work with a few companies, saves us faffing about to get you the right help. If you are having Trouble Logging In Please Read This!

Stuff Justin Deals With - Please Read!

I deal with a lot of the stuff on the site myself - so for the following - please Contact Me and not Jedi or the others as they'll just forward it on to me anyway! This is why I'm so busy :)

  • Donations
  • Practical Music Theory (subscriptions, payments or questions)
  • Endorsements
  • Login Problems (please use this link before emailing me!)
  • Business Stuff

If you need to cancel a donation or subscription to Music Theory, it's very easy - see the DONATIONS or PURCHASES tab of your dashboard (when you're logged in) or use this cancellation link.

For site suggestions or corrections, the best and easiest is to use the "Report A Problem" button (bottom right column) which is on all song and lesson pages (but not others), or you can email problem [at] justinguitar [dot] com if the problem or suggestion is on a page without a report problem button.

The Official JustinGuitar Store Support

Jedi Wardley

The first place to get help with purchasing products or order issues at The Official JustinGuitar Store is to contact The Jedi, an all-around Kiwi legend, open mic night icon and awesome snooker player. Jedi is my business partner in Chocolate Cake Productions (our production company that makes and sells the DVD's) and he runs The Official JustinGuitar Store. He's a fine guitar player too so will be able to help you choose the right product for you if you need advice! Jedi can help you with any issues to do with: product sales & delivery (excluding apps), advice on product purchases, returns and refunds.

Jedi is around to help Monday to Friday. But please allow 24 hours for a response in case he's busy! The best and easiest way to contact him is by email at customerservice at justinguitar dot com but PLEASE read the FAQ below before getting in touch!

Customer Services Phone:
UK Time 10:00 to 17:00
+44 (0) 208 349 7286

Address for returns:
Chocolate Cake Productions
24-26 Arcadia Avenue
Finchley Central
London, N3 2JU

BEFORE EMAILING JEDI PLEASE CLICK HERE To See The Official Store F.A.Q. (Pretty, pretty please!)

The JustinGuitar Beginner Song Course App

If you have any problems with this app you need to contact the developers Musopia, because I can't help directly. If you have a problem with this app, your subscription or technical issues then please use the contact below, for all my other apps see the following section.

Paula at Musopia

Contact Paula at: info[at]musopia.net

All My Other Apps

All my other apps including the Time Trainer Metronome, Note Trainer, One Minute Changes, Blues Licks and more - please contact Adam at Leafcutter Studios who are the developers of these apps. We really care about what you want and we're working on all the apps all the time - it's our goal to make them the best they can be - suggestions always appreciated.

Email Adam at: support[at]leafcutterstudios.com

If you're interested in beta testing our apps you can request to join the beta group by emailing Adam too!


The JustinGuitar Community Forum

If you are having problems logging in or something else is freaking you out on the forum, please contact the moderators. BIG THANKS to them for helping me out with this :) They deserve your thanks for keeping the forum in shape and helping me out big time. I really appreciate it guys :)

Contact Lieven at lievendv[at]gmail.com

Lieven has a rocking band in Belgium too, called Point Fifty (Facebook link)

Contact Richard at mrclose2u[AT]gmail.com

Richard teaches guitar (and math!) in his hometown of Stockton-on-Tees. He specializes in teaching children and beginners. See TeesTutors.co.uk


Other Team Members Behind The Scenes


Indigo has been helping me with many aspects of the site for many years now, worked as my assistant at my studio in London and helps with YouTube updating, website coding, design, bookings and organising a lot of the chaos!

Ben is the lead developer for the 2018 website update and done a fantastic job of putting up with my monkey mind and crazy flow of ideas and making them happen!

Big thanks to all the IWA team, Rami, Sasu, Tapio, Audy and more! :)