Technique Study

On this page you will find a lot of lessons about developing your guitar technique and exercises that will help you perfect them. I'd strongly suggest checking out the first few lessons below before putting lots of hours into working on them, because there are some simple rules and concepts that will help you make the most of your precious time and get the most out of them.

Be sure to understand WHY you are working on a particular technique. Make sure you know HOW to do the exercise correctly:

Practice Makes Permanent, So Practice Perfectly

You will probably get a lot out of checking out the Effective Practice Series - and make sure you are not spending too much time on Technique development - it's important but musicality, groove and expression beat technique every time so don't be that dude with incredible technique that makes rubbish music!

Style Specific Techniques

There are quite a few styles that have very specific techniques associated with them (although for sure it's cool to borrow from any style!) and so these modules cover that kind of technique lessons!