Intermediate Modules (Grade 6)

Once you have completed your foundation lessons it's time to get into some more courses to solidify your knowledge and get more style specific if you want to. Don't be in a hurry to 'get through' stuff, take your time and enjoy the journey and absorb as much of the info as you can.

Better to fully absorb a little knowledge, than gloss over a lot of different stuff.

Essential Development

I think these first 2 modules are real important no matter what styles you want to - you need to know how to practice effectively and you (almost) certainly need to know The Minor Pentatonic, String Bends and other techniques you'll learn in Essential Blues Lead Guitar. Note I've graded Effective Practice as Green because you could do it at anytime after Beginner grades.

Style Modules

Once you're confident with the lessons above you can get more style specific and choose ones that interest you! I've put them into order of difficulty, well as best I can because everyone is different, so up to you to decide which interest you!

Getting Into Jazz

If you want to start exploring jazz you need to start real easy, learn the basic chords and some standards (songs) and then a little about the harmonic concepts used in jazz. I strongly suggest that you have passed at least JGTR Theory Grade 6 before getting into Jazz!

Paid Modules

There's not much stuff to pay for around here... Practical Music Theory and this is about it for now!