Beginner Guitar Lessons (Grade 3)

Welcome to Grade 3 - and well done on making it this far. Grade 3 is next on my list for a 'refurb' and I will be adding new material here in the very near future - but until then there are a few awesome modules I would suggest you check out.

Effective Practice - The further along you get with guitar the more you are likely to want to tailor routines to what you love playing and this module will give you a heap of tips for making the most of your valuable practice time.

The Chord Explorer - This module will be liberating for many of you - especially those with a creative streak - it shows you ways of manipulating the 5 chord shapes that form the foundation of all guitar chords. You'll learn a heap of really cool grips and the confidence to experiment :)

Master Rock Power Chords - This module is way old and doesn't yet have video and will be updated soon, but if you're keen to get going and learn more about rock Power Chords then you'll probably enjoy it a lot :)

More coming soon :)




Beginner Guitar Lessons (Grade 3)

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