Beginner Guitar Lessons (Grade 1)

Hey, how you doing? I’m Justin Sandercoe - welcome to the best beginner guitar course ever! 

I spent over a year creating this new course, which I'm confident is the most fun, effective and structured course ever made - and I’ve kept it free!

The course is perfect for those learning acoustic or electric guitar, for those that are completely new, and those looking to get back on track after some time off. 

The course is divided into individual lessons - much the same as I would do in one on one private lessons but of course, I have adapted some lessons for an optimal online experience! And in each lesson, I show you EXACTLY what you should practice and for how long.

There are some super special and unique features about this course you won’t find anywhere else:


I tested it on myself and learned to play left-handed. I filmed all my practice sessions so you can follow along and see that everyone finds it hard - follow the Nitsuj series to enjoy my struggles and victories!

My Practice Assistant

To make sure you know exactly what to practice and for how long, I created My Practice Assistant - you can easily add the practice items from each lesson to your routine and then it will show you exactly what to practice, time it for you and keep stats on how you are doing. I used it for my lefty journey and it works amazingly well. It is easily editable if you decide to add or change the lessons or the times you spend on each item. This is free and found on the dashboard for register users.

Beginner Song Course App

I think beginners should focus the most on playing songs. It keeps it fun and puts your skills into context. My Beginner Song Course App (available for iOS and Android) is an incredible tool to complement to this course. It is a paid subscription but we kept it as reasonably priced as we could and we’re continually improving it and adding new songs. It has hundreds of song backing tracks and is specifically designed for beginners to play along with - and man it really accelerates a beginners progress, particularly with rhythm and strumming. Please go check out the amazing reviews on the app stores, it’ll be money well spent. And I have some play-along video options if you can’t afford it or not into it for whatever reason. Just click here :)


It’s properly interactive! I am monitoring the user comments on each lesson (on the website) and will try my hardest to ensure that everyone has the lessons they need for a successful guitar journey. Because of the structure, I can easily add in new lessons and tweak existing ones, though to be honest, I think it’s pretty robust already!

Thank You

Thank you for choosing me as your guide on this awesome fun guitar adventure - if you enjoy the lessons, please consider making a donation - that’s what it allows me to keep it free for those that can’t afford to contribute and to continue to develop new features and improvements. Many thanks in advance! Let's get into it!

This course is free if you can't afford to pay for it. It's always been my mission to provide the very best guitar lessons anyone could find anywhere and keep it free for those that can't afford to contribute. If you enjoy the lessons and can afford to help then please make a donation and support more free stuff and improved features!

If you started on my 'classic' course you have nothing to worry about, it's essentially the same things but I'm improving the structure and some of the sequences. I would recommend watching through any lessons that look like they might be different and perhaps take on some of the play-alongs and check you can pass the 'white grade test' - and if not maybe go back and do some revision. :) The Grade 1 (White) grade lessons cover what used to be Stages 1-3. Grade 2 (Yellow) covers all the remaining content from the 'classic' course and Grade 3 (Orange) adds some new consolidation material. Both systems work fine - but if you started the 'classic' then I'd recommend drawing from both!


Nitsuj Learns Guitar

So to prove to myself (and you) that my method was effective I decided to learn guitar left-handed using my own course. I started by reviewing all the lessons in my previous course and then read all the comments on the website, forum and youtube videos - and then wrote the best beginner course I could imagine, and then did it myself, reviewed my progress and then filmed the lessons - so I know exactly what you are going through and how I can best help. Hope you enjoy my triumphs and frustrations - you are not alone!