Beginner Guitar Lessons (Grade 1)

Welcome to the Beginner Guitar Course!

👉Do you dream of playing the guitar but feel overwhelmed by random lessons over the Internet?

👉Are you a total beginner looking for a complete learning experience? Something that feels just like private lessons?

👉Do you already play but feel stuck like you're not progressing at all? Or is your playing a bit wonky?

👉Do you feel like you don't know what to practice, how to practice, and for how long?

Well - you've come to the right place. The JustinGuitar Beginner Course helps you kick off your guitar journey. You'll achieve a solid set of skills through an easy step-by-step learning path!

And some more good news? This course is perfect for both electric and acoustic guitar.


Meet the Teacher!

Hey - how you doing? :) In case we haven't met yet, I'm Justin Sandercoe. Nice to meet you! I'll guide you through your guitar journey - and I can't wait to see you rocking around!

I spent over one year creating this course for you. It's the most fun, effective, and structured Beginner Guitar Course ever made! How do I know that? Because I've tried it myself, left-handed - watch Nitsuj practice sessions here.

In a nutshell, I've got you everything you need to stick with your journey and don't give up your dream of playing the guitar.

What You'll Learn

The JustinGuitar Beginner Course has 3 grades. Each one contains different modules divided into lessons. Like one on one classes, but optimized for online learning!

Here's what you'll learn (click for more info on each grade!)

Without the basics, your guitar journey will be more challenging than it needs to be! So, in Grade 1, we'll learn all the things you need to play the guitar with confidence.

We'll know the basic open chords and start building your strumming techniques. Oh, did I tell you that you'll play your first song by the end of Module 1? ;)

And by the end of the grade, you'll be confident with easy campfire type songs!

When you get into Grade 2, you're already able to play many, many songs! We'll learn the famous F chord - but no need to be afraid. I've got you!

We'll explore popular Rock chords. Also, get started with Power Chords, Finger Style, and the Blues. You have no idea how much fun this Grade is!

By the end of this grade, you will have explored a few styles and will be playing with confidence!

You've done a lot so far! I really recommend you spend some time consolidating everything we've learned so far. It's better this way, I promise.

To keep things interesting, we'll explore Chord Shapes and how to practice better. We'll also have some fun with Rock and Blues arrangements and fingerstyle. There is more to come in this grade in 2021!

After Grade 3, congratulations! You're now an Intermediate Guitar Player.


You're Not Alone!

The course is interactive! You can leave comments, questions, and feedback for each lesson. I try to read as many comments as I can, but as you can imagine I'm pretty busy making lessons! You'll probably get help from one of our JustinGuitar Sherpas, Lieven and Close2u. You'll also meet fantastic guitar players from the Community. And don't forget! Nitsuj is your best friend too. ;)


My Practice Assistant

To make sure you're making the most of your practice time, I developed My Practice Assistant. It's an incredible tool to help you track your progress. Keep the motivation high and optimize your learning journey!

At the end of each module, we'll set an effective practice routine. At JustinGuitar, I make sure you always know when and where to go next!


The JustinGuitar Beginner APP

I developed a unique APP to help you learn faster! You don't need the APP to follow the Beginner Guitar Course, but it definitely helps you move faster. It comes with hundreds of backing track songs for you to play along with. How fun is that eh?


How much is the JustinGuitar Beginner Course?

Ok, let's have a quick chat about it. It's always been my mission to make music education as accessible as possible to everyone. This is why this course - and website features! - are free if you can't afford to pay for it.

If you enjoy the lessons and can contribute to the website, please donate. Help me bring some joy to those who wouldn't have the opportunity to learn the guitar without this course!

Now, go grab your guitar and let's get started!

Nitsuj Learns Guitar

So to prove to myself (and you) that my method was effective I decided to learn guitar left-handed using my own course. I started by reviewing all the lessons in my previous course and then read all the comments on the website, forum and youtube videos - and then wrote the best beginner course I could imagine, and then did it myself, reviewed my progress and then filmed the lessons - so I know exactly what you are going through and how I can best help. Hope you enjoy my triumphs and frustrations - you are not alone!