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Welcome to the most fun and easy way to learn guitar on the internet!

My Beginner Guitar Lessons course has been refined over 15 years now and I'm always monitoring feedback and making improvements to make your guitar journey even easier and more fun! I've helped millions of people get started on guitar and I'd love to help you too!

Along with my massive website revamp in 2018, I am remaking and improving many of the modules in this course so don't be surprised if some bits look a little different :) I'm now dividing the 9 stages of the Beginner course into three grades; white (1), yellow (2) and orange (3). As well as the core lessons with practice routines and song suggestions, each grade will have some related lessons on Ear Training, Rhythm Study, Guitar Maintenance, Practical Music Theory to help you understand how music works!

I strongly recommend that you start at the beginning of the course and watch through, even if you have some guitar experience already because in this Beginner Course I'm trying to help you build a super solid foundation and I have some great tips that I'll share along the way that you don't want to miss!

My Beginner Song Course App is separate to the website course, but a perfect companion! It's available for iOS and Android as a paid subscription and will teach you the basic chords and strumming while playing along with songs, Karaoke style. It's not as in depth at the full website course but is a lot of fun learning with the songs and it's got amazing reviews!

You can ask questions on the lesson pages and either I or someone else will try to help you - asking questions helps me improve the course! If you don't understand something, it's my fault for not explaining it well enough, so don't be afraid to ask - though do try to ask in the appropriate place to help keep things easy for everyone!

We have a wonderful supportive guitar community too which you might like to join (free) and you can post videos of your progress and get help and advice from other like-minded guitar players. I'm often astounded by the real community spirit over there, go check it out!

This course is completely free, but please consider making a donation or buying some my products in the official store if you dig it - your support enables me to keep expanding and improving the courses for everyone! My Practical Music Theory Course is also great for those that really want to understand what they're doing - the early grades are free to check out too!

Wishing you a lot of fun on your guitar journey! Good luck!

The White Grade

This first WHITE grade covers the real basics, the 8 essential beginner chords, basic strumming and how to change between chords - usually the biggest hurdle for beginners.

After the 3 Stages, we have an Essential Skills module which you could check out any time you want - it's stuff that you'll find super helpful on your journey :) You'll probably find my Practical Music Theory course super fun if you're the type who likes to understand what they're doing - it's not essential for beginners but most people seem to really enjoy it!

The Yellow Grade

The Yellow grade has another three "stages" and we're going to be checking out some new chords and some alternative ways to play chords you learned already which will help speed up your chord changes. We'll learn about dominant 7th chords and also you'll tackle The F Chord which is a big step for Beginners.

The Orange Grade

This grade is the end of your beginner course and we'll be learning loads of awesome stuff like Fingerstyle, Power Chords, Suspended Chords, Slash Chords and the basics of improvisation.


Beginner Extra Modules!

The following modules are beginner level fun modules you might like to check out in your consolidation period before you start on the Intermediate Foundations!


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