SEVEN NATION ARMY by The White Stripes

Difficulty: Orange
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This has become an all time classic riff that pretty much everyone will probably check out at some point.

The original is played in Open A Tuning (I think) and uses a lot of slide. In this lesson we're doing one based on Power Chords in regular tuning.

If you love the song then have a crack at learning to solo by ear, it's relatively easy to figure out by ear.

This is my Suhr Classic Antique. I'm using Pickup Position 5 (bridge) which has a high gain humbucker pickup. Volume and Tone both on 10.

Using The Kemper Profiler, a Brittmaster profile by M Britt for the rock sounds and Luxe for the clean sounds.

A little reverb in the Kemper (turned down slightly from the preset).

On the clean sound I am using an OCTAVE affect which lowers the sound an octave so it sounds more like a bass. If you do this the settings will be Pitch (-12) and Mix (100%). I'm using the one built into the Kemper (for convenience) the one I use more often is the ElectroHarmonic POG.


Power Chord R6
Power Chord R5



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