COMFORTABLY NUMB [1/4] by Pink Floyd

Difficulty: Blue
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Folow these links to go to Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of this lesson.


What a day... got into the studio about 11am and spent an hour trying to get my printer working. Then got down to work transcribing this classic guitar song that is probably the most requested song I have had in the last few years (after Little Wing). It's now 11.30pm so I have been at it for nearly 12 hours, but I have just scanned in the transcriptions so all I have to do now is add a little code to this page and I can go to bed :)

This song has a bit of something for everyone. The basic chords progression is not too hard but requires barre chords. The first solo is then covered in one video and that one is not too hard either.

I then get into the main solo which has more to deal with. I'm not so happy with my performance of the tune, it's ok, but I really like nailing the songs I teach on the site, but I just didn't have time to spend a couple of hours practising it.

But I think you will learn it well! :)

Hope you like it!  



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